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 Participation in the EO Executive program is exclusive to 2IC's of EO Members. 


EO is the only global network exclusively for entrepreneurs. Help leading entrepreneurs learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connections to experts.

The EO Executive program is designed to help entrepreneurs / founders and right-hand executives / leaders, develop a sense of greater collaboration, understanding, and aligned vision. Our mission is to empower and align EOers with their leadership team and provide the tools, accountability, community, and support to aggressively scale and master business best practice, to become better leaders.


  • 12K members 163 chapters across 52 countries
  • Average EO members age 42
  • US$4.7 median EO members sales
  • 236 - avg number of EO member employees
  • Combined EO revenue contributes + 1 trillion dollars to global economy
  • EO AUSTRALIA 600 members
  • EO SYDNEY 200 members

EO Values

  • Trust and Respect. In business, as in life, integrity is everything.
  • Thirst for Learning. Our most valuable asset is wisdom gained through our appetite for knowledge and the transformational experiences that we share with our peers.
  • Boldly Go! This is what we've done all our lives.
  • Make a Mark.
  • Cool.

If accepted, you will gain access to:

  • 4 quarterly full training days built on the principles developed by Verne Harnish from his bestselling book “Scaling Up”, to catapult your business
  • 11 annual forums of 8-10 EO Executive members, allocated to a current EO Member as your coach to support you through your journey
  • 1 Day exclusive mini retreat with forum group (growth hacks & personal development)
  • Quarterly exclusive learning events led by some of Australia’s most influential entrepreneurs and speakers
  • WhatsApp group including EO Accelerator and Executive members
  • Access to monthly EO learning events*
  • Annual awards evening and social events*
  • Closed EO Accelerator and Executive Facebook group
  • roven trained coaches/mentors

NB * is by invitation of EO


  • To ensure the program fosters a high-performance culture, there are only 24 exclusive seats available in the Executive program
  • The Scaling Up curriculum is a two-year course you need to be able to commit to 24 months to complete the program
  • EOers and Executives must have a basic understanding of the Scaling Up program and agree that the Executive has a mandate to implement the practices into the business
  • EOers and Executives must attend all quarterly Scaling Up training sessions, which are full-day workshops
  • EO Members are now able to register up to a total of 3 Executives to the EO Executive Program
  • Total of 3 Executive forum groups of 8-10 persons for the next 12 months
  • All Executive members are forum trained
  • 1 “2IC Forum” - Professional CEO’s / MD’s / GM’s who run the business on behalf of the EOer, and have full autonomy and accountability for the day to day running of the business across all departments
  • 2 of the forums will be “Executive Forums” - senior management or part of a leadership team, who have authority and mandate to implement Scaling Up principals into the day to day running of the business
  • Please note, the money module requires participants to work with the companies P&L and balance sheet. EOers must be prepared to share this data (please note it is not line item data - pay roll and other sensitive info can be hidden)
  • Executives must commit to attending monthly forum sessions (3 hours), and a 1 day mini retreat each year
  • Attending learning / speaker events are optional
  • Executives will also be asked to sign a constitution around forum experiences, confidentiality and attendance
  • A limit of one Executive per forum per business

members application

Complete and submit the 'Enquiry' form below or find out more by speaking to our chapter administrator on

Once you have completed your enquiry form, the chapter administrator will then contact you to provide you with further information.


EO Executive Program Membership Qualifying Criteria

EO Executive program membership is exclusive to 2IC's of EO Members. 

Annual Chapter dues

AUD$2,500 + GST