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The EO Sydney Clubhouse is the new home of EO Sydney. This beautiful space will become the home of the Sydney chapter – the place where the Chapter conducts its business. It will also be a home away from home (or away from work) for Sydney EO members. A place to meet, socialise, bring clients and friends, eat, drink and relax.

The Clubhouse is 120 square metres of urban chic, overlooking Hyde Park. It has seating for 35 in a relaxed lounge-type set up. There will be a staffed bar and food will be available Monday to Friday.

The Clubhouse is one of the first for EO globally. It will be a genuine home for the Chapter, meaning that we no longer have to constantly beg, borrow and steal venues. A patch of urban oasis that we can call our own.

Members will have a personalised key fob that grants them access to the venue. The Clubhouse fit out is currently in progress – and the venue will be officially open to EO members in the first or second week of May. Look out for our Clubhouse launch event!


What EO events will be held at the Clubhouse?

EO will host as much of its business at the Clubhouse as possible, including Accelerator Days, Integration events, Learning events, Forum meetings, Board meetings, Mentorship events, Member test drives, and Social events. 

Not all learning events will be at the clubhouse. The Learning team is proud of the range of amazing venues that we use to host EO events and this will not change once we have the Clubhouse.

Can I access the Clubhouse anytime?

Yes, the Clubhouse will be available to members Monday to Friday from 12pm until late. Access after hours will be via a personalised key fob.

The minimum opening hours for the bar and restaurant will be 12–7pm Monday-Friday. During this time the bar will be staffed and there will be table service.

A full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at reasonable prices. The menu is still being finalised, but will include healthy snack options, starters, mains, desserts, and cater to a range of dietary requirements.

Can I take a guest?

Yes, you can bring up to 3 guests by prior arrangement. Simply contact the Clubhouse team in advance and let them know who you will be bringing.

Do we have access to Clubhouse exclusively?

No we don’t. The 186 EO Sydney members are not enough to create a critical mass in a Clubhouse. However, the Clubhouse is private, exclusive, and has limited access. Private memberships will be sold, but only to people with similar values as us. Also, WorkClub members will be able to use the Clubhouse.  Membership will be capped at 500, although initially EO’ers will make up the vast majority of members.

We will to take over the Clubhouse exclusively for EO events, such as the monthly social drinks.

Can I hold meetings there?

You can hold informal coffee meets there by utilising your right to bring a guest. In addition, you can book WorkClub meeting rooms through the concierge, but charges will apply.

You can go as often as you wish. But a fair-use policy applies. You are not allowed to work full time (or part-time) from the Clubhouse – i.e. it is not a shared workspace.

Can I hold events at the Clubhouse?

This is the home of EO – not of your personal business. So, you can hold MyEO events there, by pre-arrangement, but not company events.

Does the Clubhouse have reciprocal arrangements in other Cities?

Yes, you can use the club space in WorkClub Melbourne. There are also reciprocal arrangements with clubs in Auckland, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Bahrain, Lagos, East Africa, Shanghai, and Copenhagen. To access these clubs simply contact the Clubhouse team and give them your dates. Further deals are planned for the United States.

Can I access WiFi and printing?

You can access free unlimited WiFi. Printing is available by arrangement at the cost of 20c per page.

Where is the Clubhouse?

Level 8, 99 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Is there parking?

There is no direct parking, but the Clubhouse concierge is able to assist in arranging parking at a nearby Wilson carpark. Alternatively, there is the Domain carpark on St Mary’s Road, just minutes from the CBD.

Who do I contact for questions relating to the Clubhouse, to notify them I am bringing guests, or to book a forum?

You contact the Clubhouse concierge on (02) 9019 1888 or via

Who in EO should I contact if I am having problems?

You contact Natasha Chamberlain on 0415 330 782 or via

Will a member of EO staff be based at the Clubhouse?

Members of the EO Sydney staff will often be based at the Clubhouse – as part of the deal, they are free to work from WorkClub next door.  However, the team is often out and about organising events, visiting venues, meeting with members, etc.  So in the first instance, you should always seek out a member of the Clubhouse team (as above). But always feel free to call a member of the EO team if you are having problems.

For any other questions please contact Natasha Chamberlain (for admin and logistics questions) or Justin Jameson, SAP Chair (for any further questions around the Board’s thinking on the Clubhouse).