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·                 Intellectual Property protection

·                 The Electronic world at law

·                 Electronic Contracts

·                 Cyber Security

·                 Social Media law

·                 Privacy Laws

·                 Debt Recovery and new Privacy Laws

·                 Contract Law 101

·                 Directors Duties

·                 Competition Law


·                 WHS laws and update

·                 Discrimination laws update

·                 Managing ill or injured employees (including non-work related injuries)

·                 Management of unwell or “naughty employees”

·                 Managing WHS issues such as incidents, requests for HSRs or work groups

·                 Managing the engagement and the exit of senior executives

·                 Update on adverse action cases and avoiding these types of claims

·                 Managing workers comp claims from an employer’s perspective

·                 Enterprise bargaining, what are an employer’s obligations following a bargaining notice and in respect to good faith                                    bargaining 

·                 How to manage stress in the workplace

·                 what I need to know about discrimination in the workplace

·                 managing underperformance – what are the fundamental rules I need to apply?

·                 Managing injured workers – what other fundamental rules I need to apply

·                 I’ve heard of adverse action – but what is it? Do I need to be worried?

·                 I pay well over the award. So I’m protected from an award claim?



·                 What is franchising and how it can be used to expand your business or a discussion about different distribution structures                              including franchising and licensing (what’s the difference?)

·                 Are you an accidental franchisor?

·                 The basics of franchising – business growth or business destruction?

·                 Signing up to a franchise – things to be aware of?

·                 A franchise by any other name is a franchise – and my risk if I let someone else use my business name?

·                 What is the difference between franchising and licensing?



·                 Pricing no no’s - what is price fixing and resale price maintenance

·                 Third line forcing and other types of exclusive dealing

·                 Misleading and deceptive conduct Eg advertising

·                 Protect your brand! (IP –trade marks etc)



·                 How do I protect my IP and confidential information from competitors and disgruntled staff?

·                 Is an email really is good as a written contract? Doing business electronically

·                 Social media in the workplace – asset or liability? Policies and procedures and the mitigating effect

·                 The best way to make people pay their accounts – start with good contracts,  continue with follow-up, and how does debt                            recover in court work?

·                 Are directors and officers of the company ever personally liable for company debts?

·                 I have lots of client and industry data. What can I use it for? Can I sell it?

·                 Resale price maintenance, third line forcing, collusion, anti-competitive behaviour – what do they actually mean?

·                 Private equity, shareholders, partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, affiliations, trusts – what applies when and why?



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