The sydney eo business podcast


The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) was founded in 1987 and comprises of 181 chapter locations in 57 countries. It is a peer-to-peer network organisation, with over 13,000 members globally. 

 The Sydney chapter of EO is Australia's largest chapter with 166 members. Member businesses have an average revenue of $3.2m (USD) employing over 7000.

Join us in this weekly podcast to meet the personalities that shape the membership of EO Sydney.

Hosted by Brendan Torazzi


Ep 26: Gaurav Oberoi's husband and wife business ASEA has 400 care staff and growing

There's been major changes to the way the National Disability Insurance Scheme operates in the last few years. This structural change has created both opportunities and challenges for businesses operating in the sector.


Ep 25: Tal Williams from Holman Webb talks law, entrepreneurs and Sydney EO!

Tal and Holman Webb have been avid supporters of the Sydney Chapter for 4 years now since being invited via then president Jamie Warner.


Ep 24: Esha Oberoi interviews Brendan about the role meditation has played in running his Wedding Venue Seacliff House

Well this was unexpected - I invited Esha in for an interview on the podcast and she turned the tables and interviewed me! In this interview we discuss how meditation has helped play a role in running my businesses.


Ep 23: Darcy Small GSEA Australian winner talks about his Coffee project

Darcy was the national winner of the Global Student Entrepreneurs Award (GSEA). At 23, he's just finished an engineering degree at UNSW and has headed straight into business.


Ep 22: Nik Samuelson sells business in 2018 and dives straight into Workclub

Nik is a long standing EO member of about 20 years. Last year and successfully exited his project management business and was looking for something new to get his teeth into.


Ep 21: LIsa Andrews talks about being invited to Necker Island and her multiple fast growth businesses

You'd never suspect it but Lisa is a chartered accountant with a passion for growing businesses fast. In this interview discover how Lisa has achieved so much at such a young age.


Ep 20: Sameer Kassam - 4 kids under 5 and tax reduction business cranking!

Great fireside chat with Sameer about Charternet and their R&D strategy to reduce tax for companies that are investing in innovation.


Ep 19: Accelerator and PR maestro Sharon Zeev Poole talks about Agent 99

Agent 99 Sharon runs comms for the hugely successful Accelerator program for Sydney EO and is of course a member herself of the program. She's been running her small and profitable PR Agency for 12 years and is currently growing this year.


Ep 18: Venture Funder Jason Georgatos talks fast growing business and cash

Jason started life at the Silicon Valley Bank and soon ventured into his own gig with 2 other partners - Partners For Growth.


Ep 17: Rob Rawson's talks about his SAAS play Time Doctor and 30,000 monthly subscribers

Rob Rawson discovered a need for his software in the marketplace after developing it to remotely monitor his own workforce. Fast forward to today and he now has about 30,000 monthly subscribers and 70 staff located all around the world.


Ep 16: boss Tom Ormerod unveils how the rich pay for their annual skiing trips

Tom and his wife Alexandra have built a lifestyle and business around renting their own, and others, high end properties. In this interview you'll hear how he did it and some exciting new proposed developments with an Airbnb partnership.


Ep 15: Andy Jamieson launches new Insurance Industry disrupter

After working several years in corporate, in 2007 started a digital marketing agency in his bedroom that he grew to a team of 30 and sold in 2012.


Ep 14: Gina Lednyak: New York to Sydney and everything in between

Gina Lednyak talks about her early years as a migrant in New York and her social media management agency L&A Social.

Ep 13: Dionne Taylor from Polkadot Communications talks about her new app Story Match

Dionne has been running her PR business profitably for many years. She joined EO a few years back now and it's supported to make a jump to what potentially is a much bigger play.


Ep 12: Daniella Menachemson talks about her cool furniture business

EO'er Daniella runs her family furniture business and has focussed on fitouts for the hospitality industry. She's now expanding into an untapped US niche. Find out how.


Ep 11: Bar King Sven Almenning talks secret drinking holes and what makes his staff great

Sven talks about running bars in Sydney (under lock out laws) and the differences in lane culture of Melbourne. He's currently working on a new online training program that sets to shake up how hospitality staff are trained.


Ep 10: New Sydney EO Member Libby Ray talks about her exciting

Libby runs a very successful corporate AV business with her husband - servicing trade shows and corporates in Sydney and Melbourne. Libby embraced EO in her first year and she shares her experience around that!


Ep 09: Franziska Iseli talks about business and motorbike adventures on the Silk Road

Well this was fun! 2018/19 Sydney EO Learning Chair Franziska talks about her marketing business Basic Bananas and her travels around the world.


Ep 08: Taxibox's Jeremy Rosen rides the wave of storage innovation

The Taxibox brand is a well seen brand on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. In this interview Jeremy discusses how the brand was created and the challenges faced along the way.


Ep 07: Justin Doobov, EO'er and No.1 Australian Mortgage Broker

Justin talks about his business Intelligent Finance and the changes happening right now in the Australian Banking system and why getting finance is becoming harder.


Ep 06: Ex-police officer Kris Cochrane learns training on the job before joining EO

In this candid interview we learn about Kris's journey from a policeman in Hobart to his national training business and the highs and lows along the way.

Ep 05: Chris Gray, master of lifestyle, talks about his strategies to maximise fun time

Chris Gray has always had a great reputation in EO maximising his fun time with boats, cars and travel whilst minimising time on the job. In this candid interview he discusses his low risk property strategies on how he did this!


Ep 04: Coffee Parts king Pedro Lara gives a tour of his cool HQ

Pedro talks about running a business his father initially started in 1999. Pedro is a master of online and has turned Coffee Parts into a category leader.


Ep 03: Marc Levin talks about his involvement with EO today and growing up with a YPO dad

Marc grew up in South Africa and was exposed to the YPO / EO worlds from an early age. He and his brother run a mid-market office furniture business and both joined EO the moment their business JasonL hit the $1 million turnover mark.


Ep 02: Lindsay Rogers talks about her EO journey and the rapid rise of Chello

Lindsay has been an EO member for just 2 years and has grabbed the organisation by the horns. In this interview she deep dives into her business Chello as well as her involvement with the EO board.


Ep 01: Kiel Van Daal, Sydney President FY19, joins Brendan Torazzi to launch the Sydney EO chapter podcast

In this first Episode Kiel talks about what it's like to lead the Sydney chapter and about his digital innovation agency